Best Lakes of the World

As for me, the vacation and travel is always associated with some water reservoir. Only on the shore of some sea, lake, river or pond I can relax and feel the flow of life all around me. Seas and oceans are restless and amazingly beautiful, but these powerful elements make me a bit scared. I feel like something insignificant in front of this mass of water. Lakes, on the contrary, promise peace and harmony for the soul, so I dream of visiting the most beautiful of them one day and find myself on their shores.

Lake Crater in the USA is one of my desired travel destinations. It appeared more than seven thousands years ago after the destruction of the volcano Mount Mazama. The lake is surrounded by dense forest and high mountains so you feel like being separated from the rest of the world. Nowadays Crater presents a national park in the Southern Oregon. Local Indian tribes believe that this lake is a sacred site where the battle of gods has once taken place.

Scotland is famous for its peaceful sceneries and lakes lies amid them like crystal drops. The lake I want to visit is called Loch Lomond – it is the largest freshwater lake in the country which is 24 miles long and 5 miles wide. The romantic shores of this lake gas inspired Walter Scott to make this place the background of his novels. There are plenty of small islands in the lake. Some of them are so tiny that they are not even visible during the high tide, the others, though, are larger enough to have hotels on them.

Lake Garda in Italy is also a place of extreme attraction. It is the largest lake in Italy which is situated at the foot of Alps. On the southern shore of the lake there are small hotels, sweet houses with terracotta roofs and quite pebble beaches. The northern shore, due to the ridges about two thousand meters high surrounding it, resembles a Norwegian fjord. It is an excellent place for riding bicycles. You can get there both from Milan and Venice as the lake is situated right in the middle of the way between these two cities.

Lake Nakuru in Kenya has extremely blue water, but it is not its main particular feature. The great amount of seeds in this lake attracts a lot of flamingos. Millions of these birds create the effect of fluffy pink islands in the lake. I am sure this sight is unforgettable, and believe that I will see it some day.

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  1. NF Hannibal

    I really enjoy your writing style baditude 🙂 I never realized this about myself until you noted it, but my idea of a vacation is always associated with water as well – warm white sand, crystal blue waters, and flashing schools of multicolored fish is my personal preference, but a lake like this would be a richer experience I think, considering it’s history, legend, and beauty.

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