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Animal testing.

The issue concerning animal testing is quite disputable. There are many who protest practice of animal experimentation. The statistics is horrible indeed. It is believed that over 100 million of animals are tested annually. And it seems really terrible. At the same time it is impossible to avoid animal testing practice. It is believed that animal testing is used to save humans from diseases. Well, it is wonderful indeed. But the price is too high, don’t you think so? And one could hardly justify the practice of testing cosmetics. So called the Draize Test is used to test cosmetics. Tested animals are conscious. As the rule scientists test skin or eye reaction of cosmetics they are testing. Usually they use albino rabbits. I could hardly justify this type of testing. Fine, I’m ready to accept the practice in case there in no way to solve the problem. At the same time they test not only rats and mice as we used to think. Quite often they use cats, dogs, primates, rabbits. And to tell the truth the numbers of tested animals are shocking. Thus it is said that in 2000 scientists tested over 25 000 cats in the States.

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