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Guacamole Soup Recipe

Guacamole is the traditional Mexican sauce made from avocado and spice. Its name is derived from the Aztec words “ahuacatl” which means “avocado” and “molli” which denotes “dip”.

There are a lot of various recipes of the dishes that are cooked with this sauce. The flavor added by garlic, onion, pepper and olive oil is aimed to emphasize the soft taste of avocado and lime puree which is the irreplaceable basis for this dip.

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Top 10 Aphrodisiacs: Easy Way From Kitchen To Bed

Candles, roses and Barry White’s songs are not the only components of the unforgettable nights with your sweetheart. Thus, learning more about human physiology can aid you tremendously with your sexual life. There are a lot of foodstuffs that are known as aphrodisiacs, i.e. products that increase sexual desire. If you want to drive your lovers crazy and make them plea for the next date… just feed them! So, before you start experimenting in bed, go and experiment in the kitchen! Check our list of the most efficient aphrodisiacs below.

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