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The Cutest Creature On Earth

There is a plenty of animals that are dead cute: sloth, lemur, saw-whet owl, kittens, etc. The last animal that caught my attention is fennec fox)– this is the cutest thing I’ve seen in months! They totally remind me of Simba from the Lion King. Looks like a combination of a cat, fox, squirrel and a toy dog. I’ve never seen it closely, but the other day I came across a few pictures of it and couldn’t take my eyes off it. What I loved the most is its size and the size of its earls: they look bizarre and adorable at the same time.
This fox is found in North Africa. Small, furry and fast, it’s the smallest animal of the kind (“canid” – this kind includes dogs, foxes, coyotes, wolves, etc.). It needs such amazingly large ears as they help it to dissipate heat. Fennec catches and eats smaller mammals and insects. Its awesome ears help it hear them moving underground. They dig out holes in the ground where they live and hide from larger animals and birds, the main enemy of a fennec fox is an eagle owl – another awesome creature.The coolest bird on earth, I think. House dogs and hyenas also haunt fennec foxes. Anyway, those holes where fennec families live can reach 120 sq. meters (1 1/5 sq. ft)! Impressive huh?
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