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Black-and-white Photography: the Past and the Present

A monochrome or black-and-white photo is picture taken in black and white colors including also the shades of grey. Since it has been appeared it is widely admired for its minimalistic refinement and delicacy.

The first steady picture was taken in 1839 by Louis Jacques Daguerre, a French artist and chemist who named his first monochrome pictures “daguerreotypes”. Later he made a research concerning the possibility of taken the polychromatic ones.

In the series of experiments on discovering the way to take colored pictures a theory of the three basic colors was proved to give the opportunity to do that. This theory of a visual color transmission and receiving it by the human eye claims that every color can be created with the help of the thee basic ones- green, red and yellow. The first steady polychrome photo was taken by James Maxwell who was using the color detachment method. The quality of this picture was poor, but it had set up a new era in the history of photography and gave the impulse for further research.

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