Ferret in Your House

It has taken me much time to decide what pet I want to keep in my house. Cats look nice and you do not need to walk them, but they are too lazy. Dogs are friendly and loyal but they need to be cared after much. And then the idea came to me – ferrets! And, honestly, I have never regretted this decision. If you want to buy a ferret, too, you should note that keeping it requires special knowledge and preparation as well.

First of all, define whether your pet will be a male or a female as they differ considerably. Males are twice as large as females are a way calmer. So, if you want your pet to be curious and always active, you should choose a female ferret. Besides, you should note that your ferret will not get on well with your hamster, rabbit, rat or chinchilla – it will try to eat them instead.

The cage for a ferret should be equipped with hammock as it is a favorite place for this animal. The toilet should be fixed still; otherwise your ferret will view it as a kind of toy. It is better to establish several trays in your flat as well, as this impatient creature will not run to his cage for this purpose.

Ferrets are extremely curious and their curiosity can hurt them so it is better to keep them in a cage when you are not home. You can play with your pet in the evening and it will be quite enough. Do not worry – the ferret will not miss you during the day as it usually sleeps for the most part of it. During the winter a ferret can sleep about twenty hours a day while in summer the period of sleep lasts for eighteen hours approximately.


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