Useful Tips For Hostages

The resent day is a full of worries and dangers. The news block report about the numerous cases of kidnappings and highjacking. One may think that these crimes are committed daily. The terrorists carry out their illegal operations on board of planes mostly. So if you find out that the plane you are traveling with is highjacked these tips will help you to stay alive and avoid being traumatized. So if you are not Chuck Norris the best way is to follow the advice.

  • The first rule for the non-professional hostage is not to attract any attention of the terrorists. That means its’ better not to cough, sneeze or express your attitude towards the criminals. If the ladies want to open their purse, visit the bathroom or correct their make-up they should ask for permission. If you want to change your seat it would be a bad idea to walk across the cabin on your own.
  • The second rule for the hostage says that since you find yourself in such extraordinary situation you should try to memorize as many details as possible. Any information ill help the investigation later. Try to find out the number of highjacks, in which part of the plane they store their weapon. The umber of the passengers and their location in the cabin may turn out to be useful as well. Consider the actions of the criminals and analyze their state. They may be acting under the influence of drugs. It will be great if you manage to find out who is their leader.
  • The matter is that during the negotiations with the authorities the terrorists often release the ill people, women and children. If you have convinced the highjacks that you are ill and they have let you go any information you have may be of a much help for the penetration team.
  • During the rescue operation it is better to move closer to the windows and step aside from the aisle. If you hear the popping sounds lay down on the floor, cover your head with your arms and close the eyes. The penetration group often uses the tear agents or dazzle grenades.
  • Never stand up or run towards the members of the penetration group, as they may misunderstand your actions and think that you are a terrorist.

Usually the people hope their tips appear to be useful. But it will be better if you won’t get into the situation described so that you would have to follow all these tips.

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