Shopaholism -Small Weakness or Serious Disease?

I have to ask you to do one thing – open your wardrobe and look at its content. Do you see heavy piles of cloths which occupy the whole space? Can you remember where and when you have bought this sweet purple purse and, what’s more important, what was the reason of this purchase if this purse does not match any other garments you have? If you can’t provide a clear answer, join the club of shopaholics.

Before you start to panic make sure that you are really addicted to shopping. Read the following signs of this disease and decide whether they are characteristic for your behavior:

  • you buy things that you can’t afford;
  • you feel nervous and upset if you do not go shopping for several days;
  • you keep your purchases a secret from your relatives and friends;
  • shopping cheers you up more than any other activity;
  • you buy things even if you do not need them;
  • you can’t leave the shop without buying at least a little something.

If you recognize yourself in this description than you should accept the fact that you have a problem and may be a serious one. Shopaholism is not that harmless, it can lead to serious debts sand to collapse of your entire budget. It can be divided into two groups – clinical addiction and impulse control disorder. If you suffer from the second variant of this disease it is only a half problem. It means that you should learn to control your emotions and to accept the fact that not everything you like should belong to you. But in case you are addicted to shopping for real you have to make more efforts to solve this problem once and forever.

The first thing you should do is to define the reasons of your abnormal behavior. These reasons may be personal. May be you were deprived of the toys and dresses you wanted in childhood. Or, may be, you were not loved enough and feel lonely ever since those unhappy years. It is also possible that your self-esteem is to low and you try to gain some confidence with the help of uncontrolled shopping. In most cases it is difficult to deal with the problem without psychologist. Another option for you is to attend special courses for shopaholics where you can share your problem with the people like you and find a way out together.

The reasons for shopaholism may be also of systemic character. We live in the consumer society and it influences our attitude to shopping in a negative way. Constant advertising does not also help much to avoid this addiction. We are told all the time that we need different ridiculous stuff and some women start to believe that a new lipstick or shoes will really make them happier.

The point is, purchasing of the tenth skirt will not bring you much joy. Try to replace shopping with some other pleasant activity, for example, fitness or going out with your friends.

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