French Riviera – Azure and Affordable

French Riviera is often associated with luxury and posh life style. The mention of this place revives in our imagination the pictures of white yachts, the Alley of Stars and famous promenade Croisette. However, this place can also satisfy the simplest needs for rest, like lying on the beach, visiting spa and admiring local sightseeing.

French Riviera is situated on the south-eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The name Azure Coast was invented in 1870 by a French writer Stephen Liegeard who fell in love with the indescribable beauty of bays from the first sight. Saint Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Antibes, Monte Carlo, Monaco are the parts of this unique French resort. Each place offers you something special and does not cease to surprise you as each time you visit them you find something new there.

Azure Coast was a favorite place of lots of artists who came there in search of inspiration and found it among breathtaking sceneries. For example, Saint Paul de Vence was visited by Picasso, Chagall, Leger, Matisse, Miro, and Modigliani who liked this place for the amplitude of light and bright colors. That’s why walking in this place you will come on the works of art practically on every step. In Saint Paul you can also relax and put your body and soul in order in Chateau Saint-Martin and Spa. This hotel seems to float above Vence and Saint Paul as it is situated on the rock. A wonderful view on the lights of Antibes opens from its windows. The air smells of lavender and province herbs, and the spa procedures are provided on the excellent level – you will feel at least ten years younger after undertaking one or two of them.

Cannes is famous for the Croisette promenade, but, I am sure, you will be also impressed by the Forville market which offers you a great number of different fruit, vegetables, cheese, greens and shellfish on the ice blocks. It is like bright captivity which smells of spice and sea, but you will have no desire to escape it. Be aware, that in Cannes there is no free parking – all parking lots are paid and pretty expensive, so scooters and motorcycles are a very popular kind of transport in this place as they can be left chained to the fences. However, the locals manage to steal the vehicles nevertheless, leaving only a chained wheel instead of the whole bike.

Monaco can be crossed by foot within an hour, but it is likely that you will spend much more time on this task as you will have a constant desire to stop and admire the scenery and buildings. The architecture of Monaco is, in my opinion, the most beautiful and eclectic if to compare with other places of the French Riviera. Monte Carlo, the most luxurious area of Monaco will provide you with an opportunity to gamble or just admire picturesque fountains in front of the casino.

French Riviera looks like another world where your sole duty is to relax and have fun. All worries and problems seem to pass this corner of the world by.

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