Fashion Taboos

Everyone would probably agree that to look smart is possible without blind following every fashion tendency. To say more there is a fact that is difficult to contest. To look smart one should be aware of the long term fashion preferences and the fashion taboos. This is the list of what not to do if you don’t wish to be considered a tacky girl.

  • Long nails with painted flowers or merry patterns. At first if your nails are painted not carefully this is the same thing as wearing smeared-out lipstick. The defects on your nails are as easy to see as the ones in your make-up. Long nails have never been trendy actually. They were the professional need of nail artists, as it is easier to create a picture on a larger surface. You certainly don’t want to look as Cruella, as the long nails seem comical. If you look around you’ll notice that women with fine taste wear moderately long naturally shaped nails painted with a calm warm-colored nail enamel.

  • Sparkles. Everywhere. Especially on your eye lids. This could be acceptable if you perform in a cabaret, work as a dancer in the club or wish to glow in the lights of the cars passing by. But if you go out with your friends to the local cafe you sparkling eyes may tell everyone that you’re eager for attention of the others. You will stand out for sure, but the effect will be opposite.
  • Netty tights will draw the unnecessary attention to your look. If you want to add some accent try to wear the mono-colored tights with a seam. Don’t forget that the light colors will make your legs seem plumper, and the dark ones will make them slimmer.

  • Plaits and pony-tales. Do you want to look younger? Sleep more and drink a liter of spring water every day. Don’t wear your hair braided or in two pony-tales. If you are pushing forty that may seem to be pathetic. But on the other side one pony-tail on the back of the head is acceptable for all ages.
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