Top 10 Aphrodisiacs: Easy Way From Kitchen To Bed

Candles, roses and Barry White’s songs are not the only components of the unforgettable nights with your sweetheart. Thus, learning more about human physiology can aid you tremendously with your sexual life. There are a lot of foodstuffs that are known as aphrodisiacs, i.e. products that increase sexual desire. If you want to drive your lovers crazy and make them plea for the next date… just feed them! So, before you start experimenting in bed, go and experiment in the kitchen! Check our list of the most efficient aphrodisiacs below.

1. Avocado

Avocado is a very nutritious fruit rich in Vitamin A, potassium and proteins. Ancient Aztecs used this word to define their scrotum. Well, probably our ancestors found the similarity of the form of this fruit with the form of their most sacred organs… Nonetheless, the effect produced by avocado was clinically proven and used by many people to boost their sexuality. Even Ludwig XIV appreciated its effect, and it helped his sexual life he was having problems with.

2. Honey

Ancient Persian newlyweds used to eat honey for the first 30 days after the wedding to give their marriage a happy start. And it was happy indeed as long as honey contains a lot of vitamins and micro elements that help your sexual life. People say that 1 regular toast with honey can keep you awake all night long, and I’m not talking about the insomnia.

3. Chocolate

The point is chocolate helps your brain produce serotonin – a hormone that makes you feel happy, relaxed and pleased. Opt for dark chocolate with the percentage of cocoa of at least 60%-70%.

4. Bananas

That’s the case when form and content come together. Besides, bananas contain potassium and natural sugar that will make your partner feel horny before you know it!

5. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are rich in zinc and other micro elements that are very important when it comes to sexual health. Include them in your daily meals and soon you’ll discover that your husband or wife pays much more sexual attention to you than he/she used to… all of a sudden 😉

6. Caviar

Caviar is a classic food for lovers. It was a favorite snack of Giacomo Casanova, the most well-known lover of all times. Caviar is rich in protein and easily digested, that’s the reason why it has a positive impact on your sexual health. The effect won’t keep you waiting!

7. Coconut

Coconuts are very nutritious; calming down your stomach’s pangs, they boost your sexual hunger. Ayurveda says that coconut milk increases the volume of sperm and benefits men’s health.

8. Olive Oil

This is the most nutritious one of all vegetable oils. Ancient Greeks used to drink olive oil combined with the above-mentioned honey every morning, and we all know them as passionate lovers.

9. Eggs

Egg is the strongest sexual stimulator. It contains a lot of protein and transforms into the pure energy that you can leverage for your romantic dates.

10. Oysters

Te last but not the least effective and famous aphrodisiac is an oyster. It contains zinc and iron that are crucial for both women’s and men’s health. Ancient Romans have discovered a wonderful effect of this product ages ago and used it to their advantage. Why not following their examples today setting up a dinner with your boyfriend/girlfriend? 😉

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