The worst date ever

Have you ever been on a date that went terribly wrong from the very beginning? And, of course, with a guy you really liked? Well, I have.

If you had a bad day or just came back home from the first date that didn’t go as well as you expected, you may read this story and it may make you feel better because you are not a total looser – I am.

Here is the story of my first date with this guy, let’s call him Andrew. He was very sweet, tall, blond, and he had the most incredible blue eyes. He asked me out and that day I was very excited about our first date. By the time he was supposed to pick me up I was all dressed up and a little nervous.

We went to see the movie. Of course he let me choose. But before I say what exactly I chose, I should mention that I don’t watch TV, I watch movies online and read news online. I guess I miss out a lot because I had no idea what “Bruno” was, so I suggested we should see it. I am telling you it is a baaad luck to pick a movie like that when you are on your first date with a person you like.

I didn’t know what to do when Bruno was doing blow job to the spirit of his dead friend, I was blushing and prepared to die when Bruno showed those people the video of him shaking his thing. It seemed that the movie lasted forever; I believe I should have suggested him to leave, but I guess I was just so shocked that this thought didn’t come to my mind. And I guess I should have known something was up when I was asked my ID before they sold us the tickets. Andrew still claims he had no idea what kind of movie that was either.

But this is not the worst part. After the movie was over I said I needed to go to the ladies room. So I went to the ladies room and after I was done there, I realized I was locked inside! I guess the lock was broken or something, this was just like my worst nightmare come true! I always check if the lock is fine before I go inside because I am afraid of being unable to unlock it and get out. This is exactly what happened! I couldn’t call anyone, and of course I couldn’t call my date, I started panicking! But then… I thought I may try to crawl UNDER the door. The gap between the floor and the door was big enough, and (thank God!) I am skinny. I made sure there was no one outside the cabin who could see me and… did it.

After this watching this movie and 15 min in the bathroom I didn’t even hope Andrew would ever call me again. But he did. It didn’t work out but for the different reasons. By the way, he still refers to me as that girl who took him to see gay porn.

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